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About Yoolgedit

Yoolgedit is a local business directory for the Morecambe area.

Whilst providing a useful resource for local businesses to advertise their products and services, it also acts as a platform for our sponsors StudioSoft to demonstrate that they are far more than just designers of basic websites.

All Listings on Yoolgedit are free Yoolgedit intend to continue offering a free listing to any legitimate business in the Morecambe area but as the development of this website evolves, we may add options for businesses to take paid advertising space if there is sufficient demand.

Unlike many 'Business Directory Websites' Yoolgedit will never add intrusive 'Fly in Banners' or make the website so heavy with advertising that it ceases to be attractive.

Many modern (so called contemporary) websites are created using Content Management Systems and as a consequence have all begun to look similar to each other, whereas a StudioSoft website will always stand out from the crowd because it is created to a client's exact requirements rather than just settling for what a Content Management System can be made to achieve by an inexperienced designer.